The Law of Attraction and Its Relation to Journey Work

by Bogota

The Law of Attraction states first and foremost that we are vibrational beings and extensions of Source energy. The vibration of Source energy shows itself in the emotions of joy and empowerment and love. When we are having fun and joyful and feeling empowered, we are accessing Source energy.

When we are in the lowest vibrational energy, we are experiencing emotions of depression or grief or despair. These emotions are so far from who we really are (extensions of Source energy), that they feel bad and constricting to us. useyourspeak These emotions feel like we are suffocating and can hardly breathe. This is Sources way of letting us know that we are going in the wrong direction to our own happiness.

We came here from pure loving energy into a world of hot, cold, up, down, love/fear, knowing that we would be called endlessly towards the desires we created due to our exposure to the diversity and vastness of experience here. Simply, we knew that as we experienced pain, our desire would shoot out ahead of us (so to speak) and that the larger part of ourselves, our non-physical source energy aligned with self, would immediately align with our new expanded desire and like a magnet would draw us towards it and our new idea of who we are.

Our emotions are our navigational tool, on the way to our new expanded version of ourselves. Feeling sad (or any other negative feeling) is to know that we are resisting our natural flow to unite with the higher vibrational part of ourselves, worldintrend that has already become the perfect match, vibrationally, to our new expanded awareness of who we are.

The key then is to be aware of our feelings as they are our truest and purest form of guidance available. It is so simple really. When we feel good we are in Source energy, and when we feel negative emotion, constricted and tense, we are not in this energy, in fact, we are working against this energy.

Our emotions, which are attached to thoughts, are our guidance system. This emotional guidance system is always letting us know if we are moving towards or away from our happiness. tokopediaweb And so, whatever one chooses to do, the only question to ask is “will this bring me relief and move me towards more happiness?” Because when we choose things that please us or make us feel better, we start to access the emotions of pleasure or joy or happiness and we are moving in the direction of Source energy.

Source, this magnificent ever-powerful universal energy (sometimes called God)…… that we are all extensions of……. guides us into expansions of joy and love. This is our birthright……This universe that we chose to come forth into is supposed to be fun……..

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and it states that what we think about and feel about, we bring about or “manifest” into physical form. This amazing and all powerful law allows us to choose what we want and bring it into manifestation through our vibration of desiring it. lafoxmedia When we are in alignment with this desire, this WANTING, meaning, when we know for certain what we want and we imagine that we have it and we get into the vibration of joy and knowing around it, it must and will manifest into our physical reality. This is the Law of Attraction.

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