New Trends in Outdoor Space Decoration: The Charm and Uses of Split Face Tiles

by Bogota

If you’ve been considering how to introduce new decorative elements to your outdoor space, split face tiles might be your ideal choice. Let’s explore this popular trend together and provide you with some creative inspiration and answers to key questions.

What are Split Face Tiles?

Split face tiles are textured 3D natural stone mosaic tiles crafted from natural stone strips. These tiles, handcrafted and arranged in interlocking 3D wall tiles, effortlessly create a uniquely designed wall surface.

Where Can They Be Used?

Split face tiles have various applications in outdoor spaces. Whether creating an outdoor bar, kitchen area, or decorating garden walls, these tiles add unique texture and contrast to the space. They can even be used to decorate the sides of garages, accessory buildings, fronts, or porches, helping achieve a modernized appearance.

Are Split Face Tiles Waterproof?

While the stones themselves are waterproof, it is recommended to ensure waterproofing of the substrate by laying the tiles on blocks, bricks, or stones before installation or by using a waterproof backing board fixed to the wall. This protects the surface from the impact of rainwater and other liquids.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Split face tiles are very easy to maintain. A yearly wipe with liquid soap, warm water, and a cloth is sufficient, and more intensive cleaning can be easily handled if needed. For more information on cleaning split face tiles, you can check out our other blog posts.


Split face tiles are an ideal choice for bringing unique charm to outdoor spaces. Whether decorating walls or creating exclusive areas, these tiles inject new life into your outdoor space. When choosing colours and styles, be sure to select split face tiles that best suit your space, creating a fantastic outdoor area.

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